Process Automation

Custom forms tailored to any use case:
  Simplifiying JIRA user intaction or,
  Complete custom use cases

Ideal Forms for JIRA allows you to systematize any business process by using JIRA structures for data storage and Ideal Forms for user interaction. If you have MS Access supporting some business processses, Ideal Forms for JIRA can support it on the web today.

JIRA for Mobile Devices

Custom forms tailored for Mobile devices.

Ideal Forms for JIRA can be tailored for Mobile devices and you can create mobile forms specific to a particular Project or Issue Type or group of users.

Administration Utilities

Javascript access to JIRA Restful API

JIRA includes a fantastic Restful API through which most administration functions can be automated. Ideal Forms for JIRA exposes this API using Ideal Form's Javascript business rules.

What are Ideal Forms for JIRA?

Ideal Forms for JIRA is a custom forms engine and designer tool that easily allows you to create 100% use case specific user interfaces linked to JIRA data. Key features include:
    Simplified User Experience
    Custom Styling
    Anonymous User Support
    Conditional Displays
    Field specific validation rules
    Custom Javascript business rules

JIRA is a mature and feature rich issue tracking system used by thousands of organizations around the globe. Most of the time the standard JIRA user interfaces provide exactly what is required for the JIRA use case. Sometimes however, it is desired to expose JIRA information using alternate user interfaces to help with ease of use. For example, one specific user group involved in a Project doesn't like the complexity of the stock user interface. Ideal Forms can simple expose the fields that group needs to interact with.

JIRA can be used to model most any process in which the Project->Issue->Fields become the data model and the JIRA workflow structures the 'how'. Using JIRA in this manner essentially boxes JIRA into the role of the security platform, the database and the process monitor. Ideal Forms can then be used to tailor a user experience around the specific use case; in this approach, users never know they're using JIRA on the back end.

JIRA has many plugins that provide fantastic enhancments, none more popular than Scriptrunner. Scriptrunner uses the Groovy language to expose many JIRA plugin capabilities by wrapping JIRA's JAVA classes with Groovy. Ideal Forms for JIRA can similarly perform many administration functions and provide many features using the Javascript business rule engine and the JIRA API.